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What did people in the 18th century wore?

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I´m Lucía and today as you can see in the title I´m going to talk about clothes in the 18th century.
This idea come up to my mind because the last Saturday I went to the Thyssen museum, in Madrid (It was great). In the museum I saw how different they dressed up, and today I wanted to know more about this issue. Hope you like it.


The clothing that people wore in the past has the ability to fascinate and involve us as few objects of their material culture do.Some upper-class Virginia men ordered suits custom-made to their measurements in London. They specified expensive fabrics like superfine woolen broadcloth or silks. Their suits were sometimes embellished with imported buttons and other expensive trimmings.
In my opinion they were very elegant, and I like the hat, It makes more special the suit.

During much of the eighteenth century, women's skirts were long and the sleeves covered the elbows.
In summer, many women favored gowns made of light materials, like silk that was often ordered for wear during the summer months.

In my opinion It makes the women more female, elegant, and in that time It was normal but nowadays It would be very extravagant

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